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Terms of Service

Heare are the terms of service, copied from other websites and edited where necessary. It might be outdated and is probably not worth to read just as any other bunch of really stupid legal simple but unecessary complicated stuff. If you have issues with the website just talk to me.

1. General terms of use offers its files search technology on an "as is" basis. distributes information supplied by third parties and provides Internet links and references gathered from outside sources. Therefore, you should not assume:

  • that any materials identified, located or obtained through the use of are error-free,
  • that a search will return accurate, reliable, timely, correct, useful or complete results,
  • that your use of the service will be uninterrupted, or that the material linked within the database is not copyrighted.
Mp3 files may be present in the database which cannot legally be downloaded and stored. Note that has no way to determine which files have a copyright and which do not. does not nor will ever store any mp3 files on its own servers. Users should use their own judgement when downloading files from other internet servers which could possibly infringe upon any copyright. Inclusion of any Internet reference or any third party content in this web site in no way constitutes an endorsement or authentication of that material by

As a condition of using this service, you assume all risk of loss resulting from the use of, or reliance upon, this web site or any materials identified, located or obtained by using this web site. generates search results automatically from a databases and any search may return unexpected or unwanted references. These references may contain offensive, obscene, or illegal material. Because merely links to -- and does not publish -- content supplied by third parties or generally available on the Internet, has no more editorial control over such information than does a public library, bookstore, or newsstand. Any information, opinion, advice, statement, service, offer, or other materials or content are the property and responsibility of the respective author(s) or distributor(s) and not of

The layout, design, files, images and all other contents of the web site are owned by and are protected by national and international intellectual property laws, conventions and treaties.
The information contained within the databases belongs to the respective owners of, and is also protected by national and international intellectual property laws, conventions and treaties.
The information contained in the web site and databases may not otherwise be used, copied, distributed, performed, sublicensed, modified, rented, altered, reverse engineered or recompiled in any manner without the express written consent of its owner.

Direct download service allows to download files from 3rd party filesharing sites. The supported filesharing sites and direct download limits may vary, cannot guarantee the availability of these files.

2. Refund rights and obligations

If you are unsatisfied with the premium services offered by then a FULL refund can be arranged.
Please contact support within 7 days of an order being placed, please mention your account details such as username and if possible order number (helps speed up process!), and a refund will be issued.

please note
The above refund policy ONLY APPLIES to purchases made using Credit Cards or PayPal,
Premium account purchases made using Bitcoin, SMS, Paysafecard or any other alternate payment method are exempt from this refund policy, this is due to nonrefundable nature of some of these payment methods and/or high costs incurred.
A customer has a right to ask for a refund if the goods:
- do not do the job the customer was led to believe they would (the product is unfit for its purpose)
- have a fault that the customer could not have known about at the time of purchase
- do not match a sample the customer was shown are not as they were described

Rights of traders:
Trader doesn't have to provide the refund if:
- no proof of purchase is offered
- the customer simply changes their mind
- the customer finds the good cheaper elsewhere
- the customer knew of a particular fault before buying the goods
- the goods were damaged after the purchase, unless the damage is a result of the normal, recommended use of the goods.

3. Affiliate Programme

Any registered User is authorised to participate in Sharedir's Affiliate Programme. Sharedir is entitled to design the substance of the Affiliate Programme and the remuneration models in its free discretion, and to modify such at any time with prospective effect. Sharedir shall be entitled to restrict the validity of benefits in time and to specify a period at the end of which such benefits shall lapse. No interest shall be payable on any benefits, in particular on the Sharedir credit account.
Sharedir publishes the current and updated contents of its Affiliate Programme and the remuneration models at
As of September 2012., the Sharedir Affiliate Programme consists of the following remuneration models for registered Users:
Commission credit for first-time orders:
Users are included as Sharedir Affiliate Programme participants through the storage of data by means of cookies which are transmitted to the potential User when he or she accesses Sharedir links and which are stored by means of browser software. In this way, a User is included as an Sharedir Affiliate Programme participant. Thus, Users who have registered and generated the Sharedir link on that basis shall receive commission credit in the amount of 40% (rounded to nearest integer value) of each sale (as of this time) for first-time orders with respect to each Premium Account successfully referred by that User provided that the non-premium User has enabled the use of cookies (as described above) on his computer.
Users are not permitted:
  • To procure or cause Sharedir to grant benefits under Sharedir's Affiliate Programme by violating applicable law or breaching these TOS, or
  • to obtain the grant of benefits under the Affiliate Programme by fraud or
  • to circumvent the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Programme.
In the event of a breach of sec. 3.4 hereof, Sharedir is entitled to withdraw benefits which have been granted and - to the extent necessary and appropriate - to temporarily block that User's access or to exercise extraordinary termination of its agreement with the User in cases of repeated breach and after having given a warning to no avail.

4. Payment

Sharedir is entitled to determine in its free discretion how payment shall be effected. In particular Sharedir is entitled to stipulate that payment shall be made via WebMoney and/or bank transfer. The User shall notify Sharedir in his or her application for Affiliate Programme which of the payment methods offered by Sharedir he or she is selecting.
ShareDir disburses funds to Affiliate Programme participants on a monthly basis, not before the 5th of the month.
The User is eligible for payment when he or she has a credit balance of at least 15 € and is in full compliance with Sharedir's TOS.

*We serve no harmful ads or cookies and we assume you agree to that so we're not gonna bother you with stupid 'I agree' buttons

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