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General FAQ

Q: Which file sharing/hosting services are supported ?

You can download directly, without limits and waiting from these hosts (This list is auto updated):,,,,,,,,,,

Additionally, these hosts are available to our Premium users:,,

You can also see the supported host list by clicking on the 'Direct download' button in the top menu.

Q: What is the transfer limit and how does it work ?

Transfer limit is the amount of data you can download (without waiting) through our service. This limit for a premium user is 50 GB.
The available traffic is reset to 50 GB every month. Each day the additional 5 GB are added to your available traffic, up to a maximum of 50 GB.
Premium users can also buy additional traffic if needed.

Traffic indicator

Q: My download speed is slow, can it go faster ?

If you are a Premium user, you can try switching to a different download server, just go to your Settings page, choose another server and click Save Settings.
Otherwise, your ISP might be limiting your download speed.

Q: I've paid for an account but nothing happened ?

Transactions can be delayed up to a few days so it may take some time for your account to activate.
If you believe there are some problems, contact our support.

Q: I've clicked some files but aborted the download, yet my transfer was reduced for the whole file length! How come?

As soon as the download has started the transfer will be reduced by the file size. You can then restart or resume downloads
and your transfer won't be reduced (this works for as long as the file is cached on our servers).
So no need to worry, your transfer is reduced only ONCE.

Q: How do I setup my download manager?

Go to the section where you usually enter site logins, enter as domain and your sharedir username/password.

Q: I'm using a download manager and files don't download correctly, what's wrong?

Due to the specific nature of download managers' connections, you may encounter errors when launching too many simultaneous downloads. The recommended configuration for download managers is 4 connections per IP and one file at a time.
If you don't have a Premium account you can only download one file at a time, no mupltiple simultaneous downloads.
Also, make sure you have enough traffic (bandwidth) available, otherwise your download manager will download a html page instead of the file you're trying to download.

Q: Can I use ShareDir PREMIUM to download files from other websites ?

Of course, you have several options:
  • you can click on 'Direct Download', paste the link there and download
  • generate the links yourself, ie. to download file at the address, use this link
  • use our SD Tools browser plugin, this is the easiest and most convenient way

Q: Can I hide 'Download with waiting' links and show only direct download links for supported hosts?

Yes, Go to Settings, click the appropriate checkbox and then Save settings.

Q: I have forgotten my password. How to recover it ?

Go to log in page, enter your login and try entering your password. If the password is incorrect you will be given an option to reset it.

Q: What is 'Check links' for ?

You can test links here to check if they're not deleted from hosting servers.
Simply paste the links here in whatever format (html, plain text) and click 'Check links' to test them.
There is also the Check links button on the download page, you can click it to check the files on that page.

Q: What is a 'search plugin' ?

Search plugin It's our OpenSearch Search Engine Plugin for your web browser supported by Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7+.
If you install it, you can use our search engine to search for rapidgator/nitroflare/filefactory/etc. files without visiting our site first.
It's completely harmless and can be removed easily, read more on OpenSearch here.

Q: What is the 'SD Tools' plugin ?

That's our firefox plugin (extension) which provides tools for working with rapidgator/nitroflare/keep2share/etc. files, accessible through right click.
What can you do with SD Tools ?
  • Get rapidgator/nitroflare/uploaded/etc. links from a page you're browsing
  • Check selected links on the page
  • Search files for the selected terms (using SD)
  • Search IMDB for the selected terms
  • Convert waiting links to direct download links
  • (Direct download of files from any site using your ShareDir account)
Regardless of the option you are using, the links will be presented in a way so you can easily use them with download managers.
We would also like to know what you think about this plugin and hear any suggestions for improvements if you have any.
More info (incl. screenshots) is available here. Also, if at any time you feel like writing reviews, feel free to write a review for our plugin on that page :) Thanks.

Q: Is 'SD Tools' available for other browsers ?

Yes, SD Tools is available for Chrome too. You can get it here.

Q: Will I get spam if I subscribe for updates ?

No, never. All email addresses are stored securely on our server and, as stated in our privacy policy, you'll get only what you've subscribed for.

Q: I have downloaded something, but it's password protected, what's the password ?

Visit the Source site, usually the password is there.

Q: I want to advertise on this site, is it possible ?

Use the contact form and let us know.

Q: I have found a bug, I have suggestions, I have comments, or I just have more questions, what to do ?

Use the contact form and let us know.

Using ShareDir for direct downloads

Q: I am using ShareDir to find files, how do I download without waiting ?

If you are using ShareDir search engine to find files, you can download without waiting by using the Download button, as shown on the image.

Download without waiting

Download without waiting works only for supported file sharing services. To see a list of supported hosts click on the Direct Download button in the top navigation menu.

If the host is not supported you will be redirected to a page where you can download the file with waiting.
NOTE: To download files directly without waiting you need to be logged in with your ShareDir account.

Q: How do I directly download files I found on other websites ?

(Method 1): Click on the Direct Download button in the top navigation menu,

Download without waiting

then copy/paste your link (ie. and click Direct Download button.

Download without waiting

(Method 2): If you want to download more files at the same time and also check their availability, do this:
Click the Check links button in the top navigation menu, copy/paste your links, check the Convert to direct download links box and click Check links.

Checking links

Your links will be checked for availability and you can then download them without waiting.

Using SD Tools for direct downloads

Q: I've found some files on some website and I would like to download them without waiting, how to ?

(Method 1): To convert waiting links to direct download links, right click on a page, navigate to SD Tools and click on Convert links to Direct Download links.

Download files without waiting

(Method 2): You can also right click on a live link and click Direct download this file to download the file without waiting.

Download files without waiting

Q: What is the 'Auto convert' option ?

If you check the Auto convert links to Direct Download links option, links on web pages will be automatically converted to direct download links upon the page load.

Q: How do I check if files are still available ?

Select files you want to check, then right click on the selection, navigato to SD Tools and click Check selected links.
You can also convert selected links to direct download links if you like.

Checking files availability

Q: What else can I do with SD Tools ?

(1): You can search for download links for selected terms.

Searching download links

(2): You can extract the download links from a web page by right clicking on a page, navigating to SD Tools and clicking on Get all links in the menu.

If you want to extract only links from a specific host, ie. Mediafire, click Get Mediafire links.

Q: Where can I get SD Tools ?

Download SD Tools for Firefox here

Using SD Tools for video downloads

Q: How to download videos from youtube?

To download video you are currently watching just click on Download this video button right below the video.

Downloading videos

You can also right click on video links and select Download this video to download them.

Downloading videos

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